I request that you provide a way of creating a traditional scatter plot (i.e. independent x- & y-axes). This has been requested before, but the answers suggest you misunderstand what's being asked for. The QuantConnect scatter plot is a time seires plot with markers instead of lines (correct me if I'm wrong); a traditional scatter plot plots data pairs on independent axes.

Maximum Adverse and Farourable Excursions (MAE/MFE) are usually plotted on a scatter plot.

System development produces better results if you understand what correlation exists between your set-up factors and subsequent move. Calculated correlation coefficients can go some way to illustrate that, but the best way to see it is with a scatter plot and regression line.

Other platforms also don't make scatter plots, but you can write data to a file for importing into a spreadsheet for analysis. I understand and accept that you can't allow file writing because you need to prevent breaches of your 'free data' agreements. That brings me back to "please provide scatter plots", or another creative solution.