I added sample test with SetUniverseSelection(new QC500UniverseSelectionModel()); and then backtest for this oen runs for very long time. How do I abort/stop these backtests?


I'd assume that closing those backtest tabs would abort tests, but no, this doesn't not work, tests keep running, and the most importantly, after i close these tabs and edit code, these tabs show up by themselves and steal the focus while I was typing. Extremely annoying.

And the other unrelated question: it seems that I cannot find any good explanation on stocks selection or available api. I see this QC500UniverseSelectionModel, but it's totally useless for me (eg I'd like to learn stuff, but I don't want to see any frameworks like alpha or universelection, I want to experiment with basics for now). It hides all info that I actually want to see and experiemnt with. Just like simple beginner tutorial asks to set start/end date, set cash and add equity, I would like to see the same simple tutorial where to select stocks from and not some one-liners that do it all.