are multi-currency ETFs available in the Quantconnect database? A multi-currency listed ETF has a single ISIN code, but multiple trading codes, depending on the number of currencies in which the product is tradable. An example is the "iShares Core EURO STOXX 50 UCITS ETF EUR (Acc)", with ISIN IE00B53L3W79 which has different codes when it's traded in EUR (CSX5) and GBP (CS51).

I am mainly interested in index ETFs. 

Is it possible to search the Quantconnect data grouping ETFs by Isin and currency? I find difficult searching data on Quantconnect and the only think I was able to do was listing names one by one and see what currencies are available (it takes ages).

If this is not possible, I would also be fine with pairs of similar ETFs that trade the same index in different currency.

Many thanks,