Hi All,

This question has been asked a few times on the forums but I'm still struggling to find a good solution.


I'm trading Crypto pairs and I set some amount in USD and then set BTC to 0.

1. Place MarketOrder for BTC and wait for successful order to return.
2. Place a LimitOrder for profit order and a MarketOrder for StopLoss

I always get a insufficient buying power on the 2nd sell order I place. The only way I can avoid this is to SetCash on the BTC with enough funds to cover the additional sell.  Once I do this everything works fine.  However, in live trading I don't want to hold extra BTC (or any other pair) to cover the order.  Am I missing something?

I use some OneCancelsTheOther code I modified off of the forums to close out the sell orders and that all works fine as long as I can place both sell orders.

Thanks for you help.