I have a live project on Bitfinex that I have also stopped (without liquidating) and redeployed.

My issue is that the self.Portfolio.CashBook["BTC"].Amount (or "LTC" or "USD") does not seem to be updating with the pre-existing actual amounts in Bitfinex. 

On Bitfinex I started with 0 in my Trading and Funding wallets, and had some LTC in my Margin wallet acting as margin allowing my project to open a BTCUSD position.

The QC Live Dashboard page is correctly reporting the virtual BTCUSD position quantity (and cumulative of all deployments) but none of the cashbook amounts are reporting correct by QC Dashboard or Log - they seem to be just reporting the sum of the current deployment trades based on the self.Portfolio.SetCash amount that was used for backtest and paper trading (which should be overwritten by account actuals when live?)

I had read the documentation and forums and thought I understood how QC worked for Cashbooks and virtual positions, and of course the backtests and paper trades worked.

Any similar experience or suggestions?