Hey guys at quant connect could you guys answer some of my questions here :3.

- is it possible to use diffrent tick intervals for diffrent indicators ?

- is there a way to add peristance ?

- any good links to learn like youtube ?

- can you import custom indicators ? 

- is there a discord group ? 

- are the backtest tick data or something else

Im trying to import a algo I made codelessly from mudrex. The problems Im facing right now is that btc is more volitial than I want it to be. Also most of the extanges that allows you to short requires funding fees even at 1x. From doing some reserach I have realised my algo lags alot since most of the indicator is based off atr. So when the market is choppy I tend to lose alot. I think trasfering over to mutral funds would greatly reduce my losses since the market their is more consistant and less choppy. All in all the compleixty of my algo is a bit high but hopefully I can get this done even thought im code illerate.