Hi folks,

I am new to Futures trading and am looking to implement a very simple strategy that trades multiple futures contracts.  The intent was to eventually add indicators to adjust overall leverage and allocation between the asset classes.

For those interested in the strategy, it will end up looking like the Dalio All Weather portfolio for those of us who dont have access to Bridgewater portfolios: https://inside.bwater.com/publications/engineering_targeted_returns_plus_risks

I've encountered two issues:

1) The conditional statements on lines 105 and 113 are completly ignored.  I have tried a few different things here with no success.  Most of the documentation and threads are related to options and I couldn't quite figure out how to match up the underlying contracts to trade only one specific contract.

2) On line 69 I was hoping to Rebalance rather than Liquidate() but I need to get the current slice and am unsure how to complete this as well - this is probably a very simple fix.

Thank you in advance!