Hi there,

I'm trying to add some candlestick pattern indicators to my algo in python.

I did it the same as in the doc but the pattern method doesn't even exist on the CandlesticksPatterns class, is that normal ?

During the algorithm initialization, the following exception has occurred: Trying to dynamically access a method that does not exist throws a TypeError exception. To prevent the exception, ensure each parameter type matches those required by the Doji method. Please checkout the API documentation. at Initialize in main.py:line 54 :: doji = CandlestickPatterns.Doji(self.pairSymbol) TypeError : No method matches given arguments for Doji

self.pairSymbol comes from:

self.pairSymbol = self.AddForex("EURUSD", Resolution.Hour)

What am I missing here ? It does the same for all other CandlestickPatterns by the way.

Thanks in advance