I'm trying to port an algorithm from Quantopian to QuantConnect and am not sure how a couple of concepts translate. On Quantopian, I use attach_pipeline to setup my filtering (including universe), I use schedule_function to do my portfolio construction once per week on a specific day at a specific time, then I use schedule_function again to do my order execution one hour after portfolio construction (to model my real world behavior of having a time window in which to manually place my orders). With the QuantConnect algorithm framework, I can specify a portfolio construction model and an order execution model, but I'm unclear on how to actually control the timing of these operations. It seems like I want my portfolio construction model to query my alpha model at a specific day/time, then I want to trigger my order execution model at a different day/time, but I don't see how I would set something like this up with QuantConnect. Any tips on how to achieve something like this?