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QuantConnect's LEAN engine manages your portfolio and data feeds, letting you focus on your algorithm strategy and execution. Data is piped into your strategy via event handlers, upon which you can place trades. We automatically provide basic portfolio management and fill modeling underneath the hood. This is provided by the QCAlgorithm base class.

All algorithms extend QCAlgorithm, which provides some key helper properties for you to use: Security Manager, Portfolio Manager, Transactions Manager, Notification Manager, and Scheduling Manager. Along with hundreds of helper methods to make the API easy to use. We'll go into more detail in the next few sections.

The Securities property is a dictionary of Security objects. Each asset (equity, forex pair, etc) in your algorithm has a security object. All the models for a security live on these objects: e.g. Securities["IBM"].FeeModel or Securities["IBM"].Price. self.Securities["IBM"].FeeModel or self.Securities["IBM"].Price.

Portfolio is a dictionary of SecurityHolding classes. These classes track the individual portfolio items profit and losses, fees, and quantity held. e.g. Portfolio["IBM"].LastTradeProfit self.Portfolio["IBM"].LastTradeProfit.

Other helpers like Transactions, Schedule, Notify, and Universe have their own helper methods, which we'll explain in the following sections.

public class QCAlgorithm
        SecurityManager Securities;   //Array of Security objects.
        SecurityPortfolioManager Portfolio;  // Array of SecurityHolding objects
        SecurityTransactionManager Transactions;  // Transactions helper
        ScheduleManager Schedule;  // Scheduling helper
        NotificationManager Notify; //Email, SMS helper
        UniverseManager Universe; // Universe helper

        //Set up Requested Data, Cash, Time Period.
        public virtual void Initialize() { ... };

        //Event Handlers:
        public virtual OnData(Slice data) { ... };
        public virtual OnDividend() { ... };
        public virtual OnEndOfDay() { ... };
        public virtual OnEndOfAlgorithm() { ... };

        public SimpleMovingAverage SMA();
def QCAlgorithm
        self.Securities;   # Array of Security objects.
        self.Portfolio;    # Array of SecurityHolding objects
        self.Transactions; # Transactions helper
        self.Schedule;    # Scheduling helper
        self.Notify;      # Email, SMS helper
        self.Universe;    # Universe helper

        # Set up Requested Data, Cash, Time Period.
        def Initialize:

        # Other Event Handlers:
        def OnData(self, slice):
        def OnEndOfDay(self, symbol):
        def OnEndOfAlgorithm():

        # Indicator Helpers
        def SMA():

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