Thanks for anyone who can help. Its really much appreciated :)

I have a Parabolic SAR algorithm. If PSAR < Price, I want it to buy with a limit order  2 cents above current price--  

if self.Portfolio["TCMD"].Quantity <= 0 :

            if self.psar.Current.Value < self.Securities["TCMD"].Price:
                self.Log("BUY  >> {0}".format(self.Securities["TCMD"].Close))
                self.LimitOrder(self.forex.Symbol, 1, ( self.Securities["TCMD"].Price + .02))

This triggers Lean to send a limit order in for 1 share, once every minute, for the rest of the day. I end up with 24 shares after I realise, all orders for 1 share each.

Can someone help me so that it doesnt spam orders?

Thanks for any and all help-