Hi All,

I'm trying to save historical all time highs into a list every time the Maximum function returns a new historical high. I am using the following:

public Maximum ath(Symbol symbol, int period, Resolution ? resolution = null, Func<IBaseData, decimal> selectorHigh = null) { var name = CreateIndicatorName(symbol, $"Historical High({period})", resolution); var historicalHigh = new Maximum(name, period); // assign a default value for the selector function if (selectorHigh == null) { var subscription = GetSubscription(symbol); if (typeof(QuoteBar).IsAssignableFrom(subscription.Type)) { // if we have trade bar data we'll use the High property, if not x => x.Value will be set in RegisterIndicator selectorHigh = x => ((QuoteBar)x).High; } } RegisterIndicator(symbol, historicalHigh, ResolveConsolidator(symbol, resolution), selectorHigh); if (EnableAutomaticIndicatorWarmUp) { WarmUpIndicator(symbol, historicalHigh, resolution); } return historicalHigh; }