I am creating a new Swing trading strategy based algorithm using the Algorithm framework.

This algorithm is based on couple of indicators like Moving average & RSI and is using daily resolution.

Although I have read the documentation but could not get answers to some of my below mentioned questions:

1) I have created a custom Alpha model which on the basis of indicators generate insights, however, Insight object expects expiry date. As this is a swing trading based strategy, I am not sure about the expiry of an insight or an entry signal. The algo will close the position as soon as it gets the exit signal. This could be between 5 days to a month - may be more than that. so in this case, what date should ideally be used in insight as an expiry?

2) Where should I handle the logic to close the existing positions. Is that in the Portfolio construction or Risk management model?

3) Since the resolution being used is daily, what time of the day an Update method will be called in Alpha Creation?

4) Although the resolution is daily, I still want to keep a check on my positions on an hourly basis and exit from my positions as soon as my stop loss is hit. How do I achieve this? Which model can be used to implement this?