Hi guys,

I am trying to create my first custom indicator aiming at detecting W Bottom patterns. I have spent quite some time going through the doc and various posts on the forum and tried many different things, but I am stuck with the coding part (I have no prior coding experience before starting using QuantConnect). At this stage I just would like to be able to retrieve the data I need within my custom indicator class to perform my analysis, the usefulness of the indicator itself doesn’t matter.

The issue I am currently having is that I don’t know how to feed in the data to the rolling window I created in a custom class within the custom indicator class. Please see backtest attached (you need to uncomment lines 32, 33 and 43 in Main.cs and line 23 in SymbolData.cs to get the error, otherwise I could not upload the backtest). I may also have got everything wrong in the way I tried to structure the code.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.