Hello, I'm going to post a quick question and will edit to add more specifics in a minute:

What is the cheapest option for getting started with live data using Lean? And how do I set this up?

I've run backtesting on QC web and on Lean with Windows. I'm now on a linux box (and don't have IB TWS installed) and am deploying to a Google Cloud Platform instance. I used the Container OS with Docker and pulled the Lean Foundation image from Docker Hub (using docker pull quantconnect/lean:foundation). Have it installed with commmands from (github.com/QuantConnect/Lean/blob/master/Dockerfile) running the basic Python algo and set my config to 'paper-trading'. Current error is regarding data function.

I don't mind using IB delayed data, but when I tried that before it was just being implemented and wasn't working. It would be good to have that as an option anyway. I'm currently attempting the IB setup, but remember having to set options in an installed gui app that would be good to be able to avoid when deploying with Docker. (Speaking of, what is the difference between the Foundation and much older Foundation-live images?)

Are any of the newer APIs from Alpaca (or even TDA Ameritrade) free and sane to setup? I see config.json settings for Alpaca and read it uses IEX data, but don't know if there is an account minimum for free data like with IB. Thank you!!