Title states the first question.

Anyone with debugging LEAN from the command line experience? (ie, not using VStudio or other IDE for debugging). I'm using the Debug configuration build. 

Was getting with live-alpaca and live=true: 

 ERROR:: Engine.Run():  NATS.Client.NATSNoServersException: Unable to connect to a server.

Was getting another error with live-alpaca and live=false, regarding an incorrect boolean type.

So I switched back to 'backtesting' and the QC API key. At the moment getting this, and it hangs. Is this the message for downloading data or part of the debugging=true config, or something else? Thanks

20200311 22:37:45.516 Trace:: PythonInitializer.Initialize(): ended
20200311 22:37:45.516 Trace:: DebuggerHelper.Initialize(): python initialization done
20200311 22:37:45.517 Trace:: DebuggerHelper.Initialize(): starting...
> <string>(1)<module>()->None