I am testing out lean with Visual Studio 2019 + backtesting plugin. If I check out lean and do all of my work in the lean project, things seem to work as expected. However it seems non-optimal to keep my code in the lean repo. I need to fork it on github, then routinely pull updates from upstream when I really I would just like to have my own repo/project and add lean as a depenendeny. 

I tried this by creating a new project/solution. I installed lean from nuget in my Visual Studio project and then wrote my code in my new project. When I build I get an error from Nuget that says it can't find "pakcages.{0}.config" in my project. Which is odd because I am configured for Package Reference not packages.config. 

Is there a tutorial on best practices for setting up algo code in its own repo and project, and then just installing lean as a dependency? Or do I need to do my work in the lean codebase? 

How do people using Visual Studio 2019 organize their work typically?