I'm receiving this in my backtest:

Data for symbol IR has been limited due to numerical precision issues in the factor file. The starting date has been set to 3/9/2020.


Then right after, I'm getting this error:

Runtime Error: KeyNotFoundException : 'IR R735QTJ8XC9X' wasn't found in the TradeBars object, likely because there was no-data at this moment in time and it wasn't possible to fillforward historical data. Please check the data exists before accessing it with data.ContainsKey("IR R735QTJ8XC9X")

The backtest is for 2016-2019, how can I just remove all securities from my universe that do not have data relative to the timeframe of the backtest.

My logic in my OnData function is the following:

if self.IsWarmingUp:

if data.Count < len(self.universe):
self.Debug("Not Ready. Getting data...")

self.Debug("Initialized! All data is present.")

# Add to and update all the moving averages
for symbol in self.universe:

if symbol not in self.averages:
# 1. Call history to get an array of day of longest average of history data
history = self.History(symbol, self.longAvg, Resolution.Daily)

#2. Adjust SelectionData to pass in the history result
self.averages[symbol] = SelectionData(history, self.longAvg, self.shortAvg)

self.averages[symbol].update(self.Time, tradeBars[symbol].Close)

Basically, I'm calculating moving averages for every stock in my universe and adding it to a dictionary later, just like in the tutorials. However, when I hit that security, it bugs out at me. 

Is there a HasData property on these security I can check for?