Is there a way to access the overall statistics per ticker or in my case per pair since I am working with forex?

I am basically testing a strategy with a few different pairs. When I run the backtest, I run through all the pairs and the overall statistics show the total results which includes trades from all the pairs I tested. This information is great, but I would like to see results per pair as well. The results I am most interested in are: Total Trades, Average Loss/Win, Drawdown, Net Profit, Win/Loss Rate, and Profit-Loss Ratio. If I could access the rest of the statistics it would be even better.

I am aware I could test only one pair at a time and get the individual statistics that way, but I was looking for a more efficient way since backtesting one at a time would take a long time specially once I have the results and need to make a change.

Thank you in advance,