I'm pretty new to the platform, so my code has a lot of errors in it and I've become quite bothered by the time it takes for the online IDE to build and initialize my algorithm for each iteration (full of errors) of my backtests. Given the many errors I still have in my code, it takes a lot of time to find all of them right now. I would want to check for errors more quickly. Given the fact that I have a pretty powerful computer, do you think it would be better to just run lean locally ?

This post is not a complain by the way, I get access to an online IDE for free for now, and I'm very glad of that. And it's not about privacy, I trust Quantconnect for that. It's just that at my stage, solving the errors just take way more time for me here than when I do Python code on my local Anaconda setup, and I want to solve that.

Also I wonder how the data flow can affect the performance, do I need to download the data beforehand or does the local Lean download them on demand of the backtest ?