Two questions about writing code in the QuantConnect editor:

1. When I get an indentation error, I see all of the indentations shown in-line with the code (with grayed-out small dots ...). After I fix the error, the indentations are still shown unless I refresh the page. Is there a key shortcut to hide the indentation markers anytime I want? Not a big deal...just kind of annoying.

2. As someone who is used to developing Pyton code in Visual Studio Code, block indents/un-indents using Cmd+] and Cmd+[ are something I rely on all the time. Is there are key shortcut in the QuantConnect editor to indent/un-indent a multi-line block of code all at once? Example use case: I decide to remove a loop and want to un-indent the 50 lines of code that used to be inside the loop block...without having to delete the indents line-by-line.

Thanks for any help you can offer!