During my backtests, things were working fine when the security I was backtesting with was SPY, wherein I called it into the algo using:

self.AddEquity("SPY", Resolution.Daily)

I also called some indicators like self.RSI, and the algo was making trades in the backtesting using those indicators. When I use this instead though, because Oanda only offers CFDs, the algo no longer opens any trades in the backtesting, there aren't any errors coming up either. My guess is Oanda's CFDs don't work so well with their actual underlying asset equivalent? Or they don't recognize it?

self.AddCfd("SPX500USD", Resolution.Daily)

I also changed the way I called the RSI:

self.rsi = self.RSI("SPY", 14)   to -->  self.rsi = self.RSI("SPX500USD", 14)

I'm pretty new at all this so I feel like I might be missing something very obvious. Am I calling it wrong? I'm sure I'm making more than 1 or 2 mistakes here.