Hello guys, can you help me plzzzz..
While testing one options based strategy I encountered an error:

Runtime Error: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation. symbol must not contain the characters '|' or ' '.
Parameter name: symbol     (Open Stacktrace)

I had the same error before and found out that somehow the options chain request returned a option symbol with a outdated expiry.
This time the symbol (expiry) is ok, but when I place market order, I get this error. 

Here I attached the script. It's simplified and does the following:
1. If not invested, it shorts (-1) ATM PUT on SPY with expiry around 1 month.
2. If the PUT is assigned and  I get 100 shares of SPY, I place a short ATM CALL option (on SPY) market order. 

In this specifically attached script this CALL encounters the error, although I see that the symbol wise it looks ok (when looking in Debug mode).. I couldn't attach backtest by some reason.

Thank you! pls look below for the code:

import pandas as pd
import datetime

class LtShortPuts(QCAlgorithm):

def Initialize(self):

self.SetStartDate(2020, 3, 2) # Set Start Date
self.SetEndDate(2020, 3 , 31)
self.SetCash(100000) # Set Strategy Cash

self.last_slice = None
self.strike = 0

self.stock = "SPY"
self.fillPrice = 0

self.tradingAllowed = False
self.tradingDay = False
self.dt = None

#self.optTrades = pd.DataFrame(columns = ['type', 'symbol', 'price', 'qty', 'underPrice'])

equity = self.AddEquity(self.stock, Resolution.Minute)
option = self.AddOption(self.stock, Resolution.Minute)
self.symbol = option.Symbol
option.SetFilter(lambda universe: universe.IncludeWeeklys().Strikes(-1, 1).Expiration(timedelta(27), timedelta(35)))

# Init
self.Schedule.On(self.DateRules.EveryDay(), self.TimeRules.At(9, 30), Action(self.Init))

# check SPY closing price
self.Schedule.On(self.DateRules.EveryDay(), self.TimeRules.At(15, 59), Action(self.CheckClose))

def GetOptionContract(self, strike):
# Returns call/put contracts and their details for the given strike

for i in self.last_slice.OptionChains:
if i.Key != self.symbol: continue
optionchain = i.Value

call = [x for x in optionchain if x.Right == 0]
callContract = [x for x in call if x.Strike == strike][0]
call_symbol = callContract.Symbol.Value

put = [x for x in optionchain if x.Right == 1]
putContract = [x for x in put if x.Strike == strike][0]
put_symbol = putContract.Symbol.Value

call_bid = callContract.BidPrice
call_ask = callContract.AskPrice

put_ask = putContract.AskPrice
put_bid = putContract.BidPrice

return(call_symbol, call_bid, call_ask, put_symbol, put_bid, put_ask)

def Init(self):
self.call_ready = False
self.put_ready = False
self.call_symb = None
self.put_symb = None

def CheckClose(self):
stockPrice = self.Securities[self.stock].Close
self.Log("Closing price: " + str(stockPrice))

def CheckOptions(self):
stockPrice = self.Securities[self.stock].Close
self.strike = round(stockPrice)
self.Log("Strike: " + str(self.strike))
self.dt = self.Time.date()
self.Log("Today: " + str(self.dt))

call_symbol, call_bid, call_ask, put_symbol, put_bid, put_ask = self.GetOptionContract(self.strike)
self.tradingDay = True
self.Log("Trading day lah! Call_symbol: {0}, Put symbol: {1}".format(call_symbol, put_symbol))
d = call_symbol[6:12]
self.dateOfSymbol = datetime.datetime.strptime(d, "%y%m%d").date()
self.Log("Date of symbol: " + str(self.dateOfSymbol))

# I encountered problem before with the same error, and found out that algorithm tried to call options with expired dates
# so here I check whether the expiration date is ahead of the current date
if self.dateOfSymbol < self.dt:
self.Log("Problem!!!!!!! Today is: {0}, but option requested is: {1} ".format(str(self.Time.date(), call_symbol)) )
self.tradingDay = False

self.Log("Not a trading day lahh!")
self.tradingDay = False

#self.Log("CheckOption tradingDay: " + str(self.tradingDay))

def OnData(self, slice):

if (self.Time.hour == 10 and self.Time.minute == 00):

invested = [ x.Symbol.Value for x in self.Portfolio.Values if x.Invested ]
self.Log("invested: " + str(invested))
if len(invested) == 0:
self.last_slice = slice

if self.tradingDay:
call_symbol, call_bid, call_ask, put_symbol, put_bid, put_ask = self.GetOptionContract(self.strike)

marketTicket = self.MarketOrder(put_symbol, -1)
#marketTicket = self.MarketOrder(call_symbol, -1)
#marketTicket = self.MarketOrder(self.stock, 100)
self.fillPrice = marketTicket.AverageFillPrice
self.Debug("Open position Fill Price: {0}".format(self.fillPrice))

elif len(invested)>2: # something went wrong

for opt in invested:

if (opt == 'SPY' and len(invested) == 1):
price = self.Portfolio[self.stock].Price
self.Log("We have only SPY position priced at {0} and need to add CALL".format(price))

self.last_slice = slice

if self.tradingDay:
call_symbol, call_bid, call_ask, put_symbol, put_bid, put_ask = self.GetOptionContract(self.strike)
self.call_ready = True
self.call_symb = call_symbol

marketTicket = self.MarketOrder(call_symbol, -1)
self.fillPrice = marketTicket.AverageFillPrice
self.Debug("Opened short CALL for: {0}".format(self.fillPrice))
# !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
# This is where it get error about wrong symbol
# ---------------------------------------------

if (self.Time.hour == 10 and self.Time.minute == 10):
if self.call_ready:
marketTicket = self.MarketOrder(self.call_symb, -1)
self.fillPrice = marketTicket.AverageFillPrice
self.Debug("Opened short CALL for: {0}".format(self.fillPrice))