Hello Everyone, 

I have recently been learning a bit more about financial analysis and decided to take a Udemy course on Python for Financial Analysis and Algorithmic Trading. The course is great and I recommend it to anyone interested, but it is also nearly 3 years old now and based off the Quantopian platform which has seen some major changes since the course's release.

My question now is what are the most popular tools/frameworks being used today and for what purposes? I would really appreciate some insight on a full live traders software setup just to further my understanding of the topic. For example, is it more common to use an online platform, or do more live traders install the needed libraries directly to their machines? Do people use Quantopian at all to research their data in a Notebook before porting the algorithm over here to trade with it? I also read a little about Alpaca Market, but they appear to be more of a broker than an algorithm platform?

I am just looking to broaden my understanding of the topic, and learn about what current technologies are out there. Any response is greatly appreciated since I know this is a bit of a vague question.

Thanks all and happy coding