def enterMarketOrderPosition(self, symbol, position, posSize, tp, sl):
"""Enter a position (either Position.LONG or Position.Short)
for the given symbol with the position size using a market order.
Associated take-profit (tp) and stop-loss (sl) orders are entered."""


self.notionalValue = self.liquidContract.AskPrice * self.forexPair.SymbolProperties.ContractMultiplier

self.Debug(f"Sym: {symbol} Margin: {self.Portfolio.MarginRemaining} Price: {self.liquidContract.LastPrice} NotionalValue: {self.notionalValue} Pos: {position} Size: {posSize}, Tp: {tp}, Sl: {sl}")

if position == Position.LONG:
self.Buy(symbol, posSize)
takeProfitOrderTicket = self.LimitOrder(symbol, -posSize, tp)
stopLossOrderTicket = self.StopMarketOrder(symbol, -posSize, sl)

elif position == Position.SHORT:
self.Sell(symbol, posSize)
takeProfitOrderTicket = self.LimitOrder(symbol, posSize, tp)
stopLossOrderTicket = self.StopMarketOrder(symbol, posSize, sl)

# associate the take-profit and stop-loss orders with one another
self.associatedOrders[takeProfitOrderTicket.OrderId] = stopLossOrderTicket
self.associatedOrders[stopLossOrderTicket.OrderId] = takeProfitOrderTicket


self.trendNumTrades += 1

I'm using the IB account to trade Euro Futures Contract, but I don't understand why I'm getting the following warnings. I've tried changing the percision in round from 2-5, but nothing works. Why the LimitPricing rounded to 0?

Sym: 6E XFD7HH3CBY0X Margin: 999992.6 Price: 1.09485 NotionalValue: 136906.25 Pos: Position.SHORT Size: 1, Tp: 1.16054, Sl: 1.16054
61 | 21:06:26:
Backtest Handled Error: Warning: To meet brokerage precision requirements, order LimitPrice was rounded to 0 from 1.16054
Warning: To meet brokerage precision requirements, order StopPrice was rounded to 0 from 1.16054