Hello All,

I am a programmer who is learning Python or trying to figure out the basics from Google at least, who wants to perform Quant trading.

Now honestly I am stuck at many strategies that I would like to try like using exponential regression, 12 month index for stock, calculating complex functions like R2 etc etc etc.

Now I understood there are two parts to it

  1. Financial understanding of the stocks like PE ratio, EPS, yield etc etc
  2. It's corresponding mathematical implementation , suppose I have a necessary raw data and I need to calculate R2 or EPS etc etc, how do I exactly do it and manipulate the data to be able to easily use it.
What are your suggestions to learn this? Any books, courses, suggestions that I can use?Any other topics that I should learn apart from 2 mentioned. I am not worried too much about programming as I may be able to figure it out. thank you