Hi everyone,

I've set up a paper trading account with Interactive Brokers and would like to paper trade using LEAN. I have invested in some holdings in this paper trading account. I ran a "strategy" that simply logs a message to the terminal (I'm on Linux) if my portfolio is invested, and the message logged as it should. To me that indicates that I've set up all the configs properly and am able to connect to my IB account properly.

This is my question - I then tried to simply purchase SPY, and made sure to log a message that the order went through. It did, at least according to the terminal. However when I exit the terminal and close IB Gateway and log into Trader Workstation, I see no indiciation that the trade actually went through, as I don't see SPY in my holdings.

Is there any documentation around that indicates there will be a lag between what occurs in the LEAN simulation and what shows up in Trader Workstation?