Hi all.

Just a little feature Idea:

Don't only show the equity plot for attached backtests, but also any other plots. The equity-plot does not neccessarily show how the algorithm works. It would be comfortable to see any plots created during the backtest, so that one does not have to clone the algorithm and backtest it again just to see every plot.

To think even further: Some other chart types (eg Histograms, XY-Scatter) would be nice to have. At the moment charting is well fit for time-dependent indicators. However the time axis is linear and cannot be changed (eg weekends on forex charts cannot be jumped).

I see that there are tons of charting programs and frameworks for any needs with any complexity. But most of them are not compatible at all, and will not fit into the QuantConnect platform. I think having some more sophisticated charting tools integrated within the QuantConnect platform would make communication easier and faster!