Hello All,

I am tyring to create an algorithm that involves the use of two rolling windows: one for close data and the other for RSI. I am not sure how to pull from my historical data to warm up the RSI rolling window. My code is shown below. Line 67 in the "OnSecuritiesChanged" function is where I am trying to warm up the RSI rolling window. I'm at a loss on this, and I have found the QC documentation to be somewhat lacking, so I will greatly appreciate any help that the community can offer. 

from Execution.ImmediateExecutionModel import ImmediateExecutionModel
from Portfolio.EqualWeightingPortfolioConstructionModel import EqualWeightingPortfolioConstructionModel
from Risk.MaximumDrawdownPercentPerSecurity import MaximumDrawdownPercentPerSecurity
from Selection.QC500UniverseSelectionModel import QC500UniverseSelectionModel

class SimpleRSITestQC500Universe(QCAlgorithm):

def Initialize(self):
self.SetStartDate(2010, 1, 1) # Set Start Date
self.SetEndDate(2010, 2, 28) # Set End Date
self.SetCash(100000) # Set Strategy Cash
symbols = [ Symbol.Create("SPY", SecurityType.Equity, Market.USA), Symbol.Create("GE", SecurityType.Equity, Market.USA), Symbol.Create("BA", SecurityType.Equity, Market.USA) ]
self.UniverseSettings.Resolution = Resolution.Daily

class RsiAlphaModelTest(AlphaModel):

def __init__(self, period = 14, resolution = Resolution.Daily):
self.period = period
self.resolution = resolution
self.insightPeriod = Time.Multiply(Extensions.ToTimeSpan(resolution), period)
self.symbolDataBySymbol = {}
self.closeWindows = {}
self.rsiWindows = {}
resolutionString = Extensions.GetEnumString(resolution, Resolution)
self.Name = '{}({},{})'.format(self.__class__.__name__, period, resolutionString)

def Update(self, algorithm, data):
insights = []
for symbol, symbolData in self.symbolDataBySymbol.items():
if data.ContainsKey(symbol) and data[symbol] is not None:
if self.closeWindows[symbol].Count>2:
rsi = symbolData.RSI
previous_state = symbolData.State
state = self.GetState(rsi, previous_state)
if state != previous_state and rsi.IsReady:
if state == State.TrippedLow:
insights.append(Insight.Price(symbol, self.insightPeriod, InsightDirection.Up))
if state == State.TrippedHigh:
insights.append(Insight.Price(symbol, self.insightPeriod, InsightDirection.Down))
symbolData.State = state
return insights

def OnSecuritiesChanged(self, algorithm, changes):

# clean up data for removed securities
symbols = [ x.Symbol for x in changes.RemovedSecurities ]
if len(symbols) > 0:
for subscription in algorithm.SubscriptionManager.Subscriptions:
if subscription.Symbol in symbols:
self.symbolDataBySymbol.pop(subscription.Symbol, None)

# initialize data for added securities

addedSymbols = [ x.Symbol for x in changes.AddedSecurities if x.Symbol not in self.symbolDataBySymbol]
if len(addedSymbols) == 0: return

history = algorithm.History(addedSymbols, self.period, self.resolution)

for symbol in addedSymbols:
rsi = algorithm.RSI(symbol, self.period, MovingAverageType.Wilders, self.resolution)
#rsi.Updated += self.RsiUpdated(symbol=symbol, sender=sender, updated=updated)
self.rsiWindows[symbol] = RollingWindow[IndicatorDataPoint](20)
self.closeWindows[symbol] = RollingWindow[float](self.period)
symbolTradeBarsHistory = history.loc[symbol]
symbolClose = symbolTradeBarsHistory["close"]
symbolTime = symbolTradeBarsHistory["time"]
for historyIndex in range(self.period):
if not history.empty:
ticker = SymbolCache.GetTicker(symbol)
if ticker not in history.index.levels[0]:
Log.Trace(f'RsiAlphaModel.OnSecuritiesChanged: {ticker} not found in history data frame.')
for tuple in history.loc[ticker].itertuples():
rsi.Update(tuple.Index, tuple.close)
self.symbolDataBySymbol[symbol] = SymbolData(symbol, rsi)
symbolTradeBarsHistory = None
symbolClose = None

for k in self.closeWindows.keys():
algorithm.Debug(str(k) + ' ' + str(self.closeWindows[k][0]) + ' ' + str(self.closeWindows[k][1]) + ' ' + str(self.closeWindows[k][2]) + ' ' + str(self.closeWindows[k][3]) + ' ' + str(self.closeWindows[k][4]) + ' ' + str(self.closeWindows[k][5]))

def GetState(self, rsi, previous):
if rsi.Current.Value > 70:
return State.TrippedHigh
if rsi.Current.Value < 30:
return State.TrippedLow
if previous == State.TrippedLow:
if rsi.Current.Value > 35:
return State.Middle
if previous == State.TrippedHigh:
if rsi.Current.Value < 65:
return State.Middle

return previous

#def RsiUpdated(self, symbol, sender, updated):
# self.rsiWindows[symbol].Add(updated)

class SymbolData:
def __init__(self, symbol, rsi):
self.Symbol = symbol
self.RSI = rsi
self.State = State.Middle

class State(Enum):
'''Defines the state. This is used to prevent signal spamming and aid in bounce detection.'''
TrippedLow = 0
Middle = 1
TrippedHigh = 2