Hello Everyone!

For sometime I have been testing the theory put forward here that stocks with "clever" ticker symbols may outperform the broader market. 

I havent been able to get stellar results thus far (best result about PSR = 65% backtested from 2015), so Im throwing the project open to the community - can anyone do better??!!

Below is the Universe in question. Notice that to qualify to entry into the Universe, the ticker symbol must spell a word. Stocks that are abbreviations of their company name or sounds dont qualify. This by no means is an exhaustive list - but is big enough to test the theory that stocks with "clever" symbols may do better than the broader market. 

This Universe is actually quite tricky - because the securities conatined within the Universe come from different sectors, have different MCs and have varying degrees of correlations to the broader market.

So if you are tired of watching for the third time "Silicon Valley" on HBO then why not challenge your self with the "cool stock Universe" below, test your skills and tell us what PSR score you got? 

Simply reply to this post with the highest PSR that you got with the Universe below. (Backtested from 2015. Must use the alphastreams brokerage model,/no leverage/can trade daily, weekly or monthly. If you want to post your result please do, but there are no obligations.

Go on, make this guy proud!! Good Luck!