Is there documentation for QuantBook API methods and members?

I am trying to play around with "VIX predicts stock index returns" strategy from the Strategy library in a research notebook. When I try to execute this cell (QuantBook object qb is initialized in a previous cell):

import numpy as np from QuantConnect.Python import PythonQuandl oef = qb.AddEquity("OEF", Resolution.Daily) vix = 'CBOE/VIX' qb.AddData(QuandlVix, self.vix, Resolution.Daily) window = qb.RollingWindow[float](252*2) hist = qb.History([self.vix], 1000, Resolution.Daily) for close in hist.loc[self.vix]['vix close']: self.window.Add(close)

I get a "NameError: name 'QuandlVix' is not defined" when I run this. Any suggestions?