I am new to QC. After reading the BootCamp, I would like to try to develope strategies by following the framework. Here is my test case. I would like to pass a variable to Alpha Model from the QCAlgorithm class, is it possible?

Here is my test code:

class QuantityTesting_Insight(QCAlgorithm):     isFirstOrder = True # variable I want to pass          def Initialize(self):         self.SetStartDate(2020, 1, 13)  # Set Start Date         self.SetEndDate(2020, 1, 18)  # Set End Date         self.SetCash(100000)  # Set Strategy Cash                  # user variables         # self.isFirstOrder = True                  # Handle UniverseSettings         self.UniverseSettings.Resolution = Resolution.Minute         symbols = [Symbol.Create("SPY", SecurityType.Equity, Market.USA)]         self.SetUniverseSelection(ManualUniverseSelectionModel(symbols))         self.SetSecurityInitializer(lambda x: x.SetDataNormalizationMode(DataNormalizationMode.Raw))                  # Handle Alpha Model         self.SetAlpha(TestingAlpha())                  # Handle Portfolio Model         self.SetPortfolioConstruction(MyEqualWeightingPortfolioConstructionModel())         self.SetExecution(ImmediateExecutionModel())         self.SetRiskManagement(NullRiskManagementModel())              class TestingAlpha(AlphaModel):     def __init__(self):         pass          # override     def Update(self, algorithm, data):         insights = []         if not isinstance(algorithm, QuantityTesting_Insight):             return insights                      algorithm.__class__ = QuantityTesting_Insight         if not algorithm.isFirstOrder:             return insights return insights

I have a variable named isFirstOrder, which is a boolean. When I cast the class back to QunatityTesting_Insight, I get error message, `'QuantityTesting_Insight' object layout differs from 'QCAlgorithm'`

I would like to ask if there a way to do this action? Or I should use other method to pass variable instead of using QCAlgorithm class? Thank you very much.