This would be nice if the gods were kind to me.

Regardless, I am wondering why the strategy is triggering at a few points in QuantConnect where it doesn't in TradingView. Particularly the bizarre performance throughout 2014. Can I put a minimum number of days to wait between trades or is this just not following the strategy as intended? FInally, I am very confused why I am unable to schedule this strategy to run at any time other than the few minutes between 9:33 and 9:40. Thanks for any help in advance!

All I want is to use the data from the close of yesterday to make a decision the next trading day.

101803_1595637110.jpgNotice the Mid-2014 collapse.

101803_1595637383.jpgNow notice the total lack of Mid-2014 2014 collapse.

One More time contrasted with S&P500