Hi, my algorithm relies on an external source to deliver a list of securities for a certain day. The data is first vailable at around 9:15am on the trading day. When I have that data, I need all the premarket data from that day to warm up the indicators.
The problem is that the value of the indicator (say at 9:30am) is always different from the "correct" values that I'd get if I subscribed to the security at 12am that day.

Is this the correct way to warm up the indicator? If so, what am I doing wrong.




AddEquity(symbol, resolution, Market.USA, true, 0M, true);
var consolidator = Consolidate(symbol, consolidateTo, x => OnConsolidatedData(x));
History(new List<Symbol> { symbol }, triggerDay.Date, Time, resolution, false, true)
.PushThroughConsolidators(c => consolidator);

if (!_vwap.ContainsKey(symbol))
var vwapPeriod = 240;
var vwapIndicator = new VolumeWeightedAveragePriceIndicator($"VWAP({symbol})", vwapPeriod);
RegisterIndicator(symbol, vwapIndicator, consolidator);

_vwap.Add(symbol, vwapIndicator);

// Warmup indicator
var h = History<TradeBar>(symbol, Convert.ToInt32((Time-Time.Date).TotalSeconds), resolution);
foreach (var item in h)
//WarmUpIndicator(symbol, vwapIndicator, resolution);