I am new to QC and using C# and Visual Studio. I like the model of developing locally in VS and then using Skylight to sync to the cloud to run backtests and such. I've already created a project and run several backtests in the cloud environment. But I really don't like the cloud dev environment - much prefer all the goodness of VS.

So, I would like some clarifications on how to use Skylight with local development:

  1. Skylight syncs files down to the user's home directory - makes sense.
  2. LEAN documentation says that my custom algo/indicator files (classes) need to be in the QuantConnect.Algorithm.CSharp project. If so then, those files won't be in my home directory, right? And therefore won't be synced? 
  3. So how do you recommend I create custom algos/indicators and have them synced to the cloud?
  4. And if need to create other classes, or projects, and reference the LEAN components, where should I put those?
 Thanks in advance for your help.