Hi there,

I would like to use a Renko consolidator as my strategy benefits from making orders at specific price points. Rather than waiting an arbitrary amount of time, the Renko would be perfect as it moves on price, regardless of time. Using it however, I notice some lag? 

For example, with EURUSD subscribed to minute resolution (not sure if that applies to Renko), and a Renko size of 0.0001 I'm looking at:

Mid Price:      1.1763.4

Renko Price:  1.1761

Shouldn't the Renko be at 1.1763? This will have me creating orders at the wrong time. I need the price when it's available. I thought Renko would be ahead of my arbitrary time-based midprice. Am I doing something wrong?

Charted image where you can see more of the lag: