So, I'm looking at this page whereby we can get the SMA of an RSI indicator using Indicator Extensions. Specifically:

# Create a 14 period RSI indicator rsi = RelativeStrengthIndex(14) # Create a 30 period SMA indicator sma = SimpleMovingAverage(30) # Compose indicators sma_of_rsi = IndicatorExtensions.Of(sma, rsi) df_sma_of_rsi = qb.Indicator(rsiAverage, spy.Symbol, 360, Resolution.Daily)

And the dataframe on the page apears to list values exceeding 100, and I thought RSI was an oscillator taking on values bounded by 0 and 100. Testing this in my own research, the dataframe appears to return a SMA of the price, not the RSI.

Also it looks like we should be passing 'sma_of_rsi' rather than 'rsiAverage' to the indicator method?