Hi. I have a script that added equities in this form:

self.tickers = ["TLT", "GLD", "VTI"] for ticker in self.tickers: self.AddEquity(ticker, Resolution.Daily)

However, now I want to add custom data in this form from the NIFTY example.

gold1 = self.AddData(GoldPhys, "IGLN.L", Resolution.Daily).Symbol bond1 = self.AddData(Treas20, "IDTL.L", Resolution.Daily).Symbol spy1 = self.AddData(VanSPY, "VDNR.L", Resolution.Daily).Symbol OR self.AddData(GoldPhys, "IGLN.L", Resolution.Daily).Symbol self.AddData(Treas20, "IDTL.L", Resolution.Daily).Symbol self.AddData(VanSPY, "VDNR.L", Resolution.Daily).Symbol With data classes like so: class GoldPhys(PythonData): '''IGLN.L Custom Data Class''' def GetSource(self, config, date, isLiveMode): return SubscriptionDataSource("https://www.dropbox.com/s/????????/IGLN.csv?dl=1", SubscriptionTransportMedium.RemoteFile) def Reader(self, config, line, date, isLiveMode): if not (line.strip() and line[0].isdigit()): return None # New GoldPhys object gold = GoldPhys() gold.Symbol = config.Symbol try: # Example File Format: # Date, Open High Low Close Volume # 2011-09-13 7792.9 7799.9 7722.65 7748.7 116534670 data = line.split(',') gold.Time = datetime.strptime(data[0], "%Y-%m-%d") gold.Value = data[4] gold["open"] = float(data[1]) gold["high"] = float(data[2]) gold["low"] = float(data[3]) gold["close"] = float(data[4]) except ValueError: # Do nothing return None return gold

My question is how to combine the new data classes into a list in the same manner as the first snippet, where all ETFs become 'ticker in self.tickers' ?