Hello All!

Thanks to some JS magic you can now overlay your charts however you'd like :) This means you can do things like:
Top Chart: SPY Price + SPY EMA + Buy-Sell Trades On the Price
Bottom Chart: RSI of the SPY Controlling the Trades

The chart index to controls where on the chart your overlay occurs:
Chart plotter = new Chart("Plotter");
plotter.AddSeries(new Series("EURUSD", SeriesType.Line, index:0));
plotter.AddSeries(new Series("EURUSD-200MA", SeriesType.Line, index:0));
plotter.AddSeries(new Series("Buy", SeriesType.Scatter, index:0));
plotter.AddSeries(new Series("Sell", SeriesType.Scatter, index:0));
plotter.AddSeries(new Series("EURUSD-RSI", SeriesType.Line, index:1));

Check out the example below:

Happy Coding!