Hello guys,

I would like to thank QunatConnect developers for this amazing work und for making the framework open source.

I recently started working with it. Although I have some experience in OOP(Python, Java) I strugle to understand couple things.

I tested some simple strategies and they worked. So I desided to add some complexity and test more features of the QC Framework. I went through tutorials, and splitted my code into all core modules (Universe Selection, Alpha Creation, Portfolio Construction, Execution and Risk Management).

It is pretty hard to understand how the FramWork "breathes" in the background. Debugger is very rude as well.


I struggle to understand how consolidator works. Since self._openingBar is always None, it seems that it does not consolidate.

I had to instantiate SymbolData class in the main class, and pass instances to different modules where i need them.


If someone is ready to try to understand this mess, brave man, you are welcome to do so. Because I am at final point...