I updated my stop loss using the UpdateStopPrice function and confirmed that the update order event has been submitted, However, when I run the backtest, the updated stop loss doesn't ever seem to trigger.

For example from the logs line 30 to 33: 

2020-05-18 12:00:00 buy 285 GE at 6.28
2020-05-21 12:00:00 updating SL from 5.97 to 6.28.
2020-05-21 12:00:00 SL update submitted: 6.28
2020-05-22 11:00:00 sl 285 GE at 5.97

GE is bought at 6.28, stop loss is then adjusted from 5.97 to 6.28 after price has moved. Order event was submitted, but the stop loss was triggered at 5.97 instead of the updated price of 6.28.


What am I doing wrong here?