So i just have a plain and simply desire... i want to plot the current solutions candle sticks.

Wheres the problem ? Only the daily candle sticks are getting drawn and even if i zoom in... the 1 hour candles sticks dont show up.

self.SetStartDate(2020, 4, 19) # Set Start Date
self.SetCash(1000) # Set Strategy Cash
self.AddForex(self.__pair, Resolution.Hour) # The pair we trade

self.__ema = self.EMA(self.__pair, 20, Resolution.Hour) # The exponential moving average we use

chart = Chart("Chart")
candles = Series("Candles", SeriesType.Candle)
ema = Series("EMA", SeriesType.Line)
buy = Series("Buy", SeriesType.Scatter)
sell = Series("Sell", SeriesType.Scatter)


# Later in OnData

pairBar = data[self.__pair]
self.Plot("Chart", "Candles", pairBar.Close)
self.Plot("Chart", "EMA", self.__ema.Current.Value)

Why does this happen and how the heck can i finally plot my one hour candles ?