Hey guys,

We're currently looking to migrate from a custom in-house trading platform over to QuantConnect so that we can focus on strategy development and stop wasting time on infrastructure. That said, there's two key components of our platform that most of our edge comes from, and I wanted to get confirmation that we can port these over and use with the hosted version of QuantConnection.

First, is a custom broker integration that allows for locating hard to borrow small cap stocks via an API; this was really difficult to get setup, and not something offered/provided by any of the brokers currently supported by QuantConnect. Secondly, we have a custom websocket data feed source that's responsible for all of our trade entry signals.

Based on our research, it looks like we can easily port/integrate these into the opensource version of Lean, but ideally we want to use the hosted version of QuantConnect and not have to worry about hosting the infrastrcture or managing the setup. 


In short, are such custom integrations support on QuantConnect cloud? Is it possible to integrate a custom broker and data feed for use on the cloud version of QuantConnect? We of course will handle all the development; just want to make sure it's possible before going further. 


Any feedback/documentation is much appreciated. Thanks!