I may be missing something, but I wasn't able to find an easy way to see PNL by trade within the backtest results.

I was ultimately able to download the results JSON, and massage that data in Excel to get what I needed, but I think it would be a very helpful feature to be able to add custom columns or even whole tables to the bottom tabbed section of the backtest results page. 

This could be similar to the current feature that let's you add a custom metric to the top/header row of metrics/KPIs on the backtest results dashboard/page. I envision being able to add an additional "ResultTable" object to some sort of ResultTables array/collection. Or being able to simple add an additional ResultTableColumn object to a ResultTable.Columns array/collection. 

Totally a nice to have, but wanted to share in case this aligns with the vision you guys have for the product.