I'm trying to download FXCM forex data using the Toolbox's FxcmDownloader, with the intention of combining volume using FxcmVolumeDownload. While the volume is downloaded without any problems (credentials ok), when I try to obtain price data by running:

.\QuantConnect.ToolBox.exe --app=FxcmDownloader --tickers=EURUSD --resolution=Minute --from-date=20201001-00:00:00 --to-date=20201129-00:00:00

the following error is raised :

PS D:\repos\Lean\Launcher\bin\Debug> .\QuantConnect.ToolBox.exe --app=FxcmDownloader --tickers=EURUSD --resolution=Minute --from-date=20201001-00:00:00 --to-date=20201129-00:00:00
20201130 11:17:35.611 Trace:: Config.GetValue(): debug-mode - Using default value: False
20201130 11:17:35.624 Trace:: Config.Get(): Configuration key not found. Key: results-destination-folder - Using default value:
20201130 11:17:35.625 Trace:: Config.Get(): Configuration key not found. Key: plugin-directory - Using default value:
20201130 11:17:35.634 Trace:: Config.Get(): Configuration key not found. Key: composer-dll-directory - Using default value: D:\repos\Lean\Launcher\bin\Debug\
20201130 11:17:36.329 Trace:: Config.Get(): Configuration key not found. Key: data-directory - Using default value: ../../../Data
Logging in...
Downloading Minute data from 20201001 00:00:00 to 20201129 23:59:59...
[███████████████████████████████████████████████████████████] 99.99%
Logging out...
20201130 11:20:56.788 ERROR:: FxcmDownloaderProgram.FxcmDownloader():  System.ArgumentException: Expected data of type 'QuoteBar'
Parameter name: data
   at QuantConnect.Util.LeanData.GenerateLine(IBaseData data, SecurityType securityType, Resolution resolution) in D:\repos\Lean\Common\Util\LeanData.cs:line 188
   at QuantConnect.ToolBox.LeanDataWriter.WriteMinuteOrSecondOrTick(IEnumerable`1 source) in D:\repos\Lean\ToolBox\LeanDataWriter.cs:line 378
   at QuantConnect.ToolBox.LeanDataWriter.Write(IEnumerable`1 source) in D:\repos\Lean\ToolBox\LeanDataWriter.cs:line 101
   at QuantConnect.ToolBox.FxcmDownloader.FxcmDownloaderProgram.FxcmDownloader(IList`1 tickers, String resolution, DateTime startDate, DateTime endDate) in D:\repos\Lean\ToolBox\FxcmDownloader\FxcmDownloaderProgram.cs:line 99


For now, I can use the API downloader but I'd rather get this working. 

Has anyone else come across a similar issue?

Any help would be appreciated. Cheers.