I'm trying to calculate the Mean and StDev of the TrueRange.  I was using something like:

TrueRange trueRange = TR(symbol, Resolution.Daily); SimpleMovingAverage trueRangeMean = SMA(symbol, VOLATILITY_SAMPLE_SIZE, Resolution.Daily).Of(trueRange); StandardDeviation trueRangeStDev = STD(symbol, VOLATILITY_SAMPLE_SIZE, Resolution.Daily).Of(trueRange);

Then moved to something like:

AverageTrueRange atr = ATR(symbol, VOLATILITY_SAMPLE_SIZE, MovingAverageType.Simple, Resolution.Daily);

To grab the mean.

I found that the trueRangeMean and trueRangeStDev calculations above where wildly off.  Conversely atr returns something that makes sense for the mean when you look at the data.  But I do not trust the StDev calculation.  I could be doing it wrong but... I read the API source code and the documentation AND I tried doing a reverse incation like this:

StandardDeviation veDtSegnaReurt = trueRange.Of(STD(symbol, VOLATILITY_SAMPLE_SIZE, Resolution.Daily));

But it does not compile (while jives with the documentation and my understanding of the API source code).

So... what am I missing?  I would like to create an indicator that is dynamically updated which computes the StDev of the TrueRange.  Any suggestions?