QuantConnect's Boot Camp is a coding lab designed to teach you the tools for quantitative trading. In Boot Camp, you can improve your skills in finance, statistics, and software development and learn the QuantConnect API in easily digestible portions. Using the same API, you can move from learning in the labs to testing out your own strategies with paper and live trading on QC's platform.

The idea behind Boot Camp lessons is to focus on implementing individual strategies rather than learning theory alone. You'll start out with the fundamentals for individual algorithm creation and move on to building an institutional-grade system using the Algorithm Framework. As you work through Boot Camp you'll manage your portfolio, use indicators in technical trading strategies, trade on universes of assets, automate trades based on market behavior, and understand how data moves in and out of your algorithm. The goal is to give you a foundation in robust algorithm design and the tools to implement your own trading strategies in python or C#.

Find the current Boot Camp lessons below. Each lesson builds on an understanding of the API from the lesson before it, so completing them in the order listed can feel intuitive. You can also select a lesson based on the strategy and topics you want to work on.

Begin a Boot Camp Lesson

  1. Buy and Hold Equities
  2. Buy and Hold / Forex
  3. Buy and Hold with a Trailing Stop
  4. Momentum-Based Tactical Allocation
  5. Opening Range Breakout
  6. Liquid Universe Selection
  7. Fading the Gap
  8. 200-50 EMA Momentum Universe
  9. The Algorithm Framework
  10. Pairs Trading with SMA
  11. Liquid Value Stocks
  12. Tiingo Sentiment Analysis on Stocks
  13. Buy and Hold / Futures

Code-Along with QC's Udemy Course

We're also excited to share that Boot Camp now has a series of accompanying videos and quiz questions that can be found as a Udemy course. In each lesson, we'll code together and talk through key concepts. You can watch the tutorial videos on our YouTube channel or in the Udemy course. All the content is free.

[embed width="783"]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5KpolDcRJic&list=PLD7-B3LE6mz5jsEb127kdyJVMJrBNfbmI[/embed]

QuantConnect is one of the largest quantitative trading communities in the world. Part of what makes it so special is the diverse backgrounds in the community. We're excited to make these skills accessible to you so you can implement your own unique ideas.