We're proud to share our new documentation has been moved to a public beta. This represents a significant leap in the quantity and quality of the documentation for how to build your strategy.

The documentation took roughly 1.5 man-years of work to write! It was the full time effort of Derek Melchin and part-time for Louis Szeto, and Alex Catarino since July 2021. In total there are 450,000+ words spread across 910 chapters.

The new documentation is divided into various core "experiences" the company offers. These are:

  • Our Platform - Using the QuantConnect Cloud
  • Organizations - How teams can build on top of QuantConnect
  • Writing Algorithms - Using the QCAlgorithm API to develop strategies
  • Research - Using the QuantBook API to use our Jupyter Notebooks
  • LEAN CLI - Developing locally with the python LEAN CLI package

All old documentation links from the forum is currently being redirected to the new pages. The old documentation is still available under the "docs/v1" root URL.

A huge thank you to the dozens of community members who helped us spot issues in the new documentation and worked on the fixes over the last 6 months.

Next up, we're starting work on the LEAN Engine documentation. This is an enormous task, so we'll focus efforts on the general architecture of LEAN to start.

Onwards and upwards!

QuantConnect Team