I just tried to deploy an algorithm to IBKR, and I received this error: Runtime Error: Requested market data is not subscribed.Delayed market data is available.Error&BEST/STK/Top&BEST/STK/Top. Origin: [Id=3] Subscribe: SPY (STK SPY USD Smart ARCA 0 )

Now I know there are many threads with this error, and I have gone through them and made all the changes. 

1. I am subscribed to market data under the same user that I use for quantconnect.

2. I subscribed 2 days ago and I confirmed with IBKR that the subscription is live.

3. I have US securities snapshot and Futures value bundle. and I am trying to access Futures.Currencies.EUR. IBKR rep suggested I try other futures symbols, and I did but same error.

I spent half an hour with a very patient IBKR rep, who eventually told me that there is nothing wrong with my market subscription and I should talk to the API platform. Can anybody please point me in right direction?