Hello everyone, I'd like to ask for some help here. This simple strategy I made of 2 EMA crossovers has 60% winrate and parameter set RRR of 1.5, so expectancy should be 50%. My problem is that I noticed different currency pairs have death-periods where no matter how I try to alter my parameters they always blow up an account in that period, making it impossible for the strategy to capitalise on long term expectancy. 

For EURUSD this period is always May 24th - Jun 4th when using 15, 5 or 30min TF. I found this death period through multiple different parameters testing. Anyone know what countermeasures I can implement to prevent these death pitfalls. I can think of a maximum weekly 10% account loss  (with 2% SL impact that would be 5 trades lost in a row), after which strategy freezes for 7 days to give market time to start trending again. I'm just unsure how can I check if strategy won or lost a trade. 

Thank you for your time, Vedran